01.Our plan for One Gallions

One Gallions Computer-generated-imagery

One Gallions is a proposed new housing development which will create an exemplary community environment. It includes new areas of publicly accessible space which relate to the adjacent DLR interchange. One Gallions will link with the new facilities under development in the Royal Docks and Royal Albert Basin area by reinforcing pedestrian links across Woolwich Manor Way and Royal Docks Road.

The development is arranged as sheltered landscaped courtyards surrounded by perimeter buildings. Landscaping is designed to provide ecological value, amenity and play space for the residents which visually links up to the adjacent wooded area to the north.

The two northernmost buildings form two 15 storey towers next to the existing mature woodland. The northeast buildings are seven storeys and the northwest buildings are six storeys. The southern buildings are five and six storeys, with the lower of these buildings again being on the western side.

There is pedestrian access around the edges of the site and via a route through the centre between the buildings. Vehicle access on to the site is via Woolwich Manor Way and is managed by traffic control barriers with vehicles following a one-way route through the site. The hard surfaces within the site where vehicles circulate are designed as pedestrian priority shared surfaces.


One Gallions will have 260 apartments including 169 homes for private sale with 50 social rented and 41 shared ownership homes (also known as New Build Homebuy).

All dwellings meet Lifetime Homes standards and 10% of the homes are fully wheelchair accessible.

There will be a range of dwellings from one-bedroom apartments to larger three and four bed homes which will be located on the lowest floors. All the homes have balconies.

Of the 260 apartments, 193 are double aspect, with all but one of the other 67 apartments looking in towards the courtyard. Only 30 apartments do not face directly onto the central courtyards although 28 of these are in the north-west and north-east corners of the towers where they have spectacular views across London and the surrounding areas.

The apartments are arranged off vertical access cores which generally serve a maximum number of 4 apartments on each floor level. Each access core contains lift and stairs. All public entrances to the buildings are from the street with separate private access provided directly into the courtyards.
One Gallions Southern Courtyard


The development is a key element in the regeneration of Beckton, forming the link between the existing residential areas to the north and east and to the adjacent DLR interchange.

An area of community space, the estate office, the One Planet Living Centre and an exhibition area will all front onto the Square to provide activity and animation.The southern most buildings are linked by a double height conservatory which, together with the One Planet Living Centre, creates a centrepiece of the southern elevation forming an area of interest for pedestrians and passing traffic.

Recycling facilities including a community composter, and a residents’ workshop space are arranged around the courtyards.

Extensive cycle storage facilities within the buildings provide a minimum of 267 secure cycle parking spaces for residents’ use, with a further 50 cycle spaces for use by visitors.

Of the 48 car parking spaces within the development, 26 are provided for the wheelchair accessible homes, 6 are reserved for car club use and16 are provided as visitor parking bays. Motorcycle parking (26 spaces) is located within the ground floor of the buildings, and charging points are also provided for electric vehicles.

One Gallions Corner West
A number of individual greenhouses and garden allotments, as well as communal amenity spaces will be provided on the roofs of the lower buildings. These will be accessible to the residents from the homes below and the adjacent towers. The roofs of the towers will be designed to promote a range of diverse ecological habitats, with no access for residents.

Sustainable Living

A woodchip powered combined heat and power unit provides all the homes with heating and hot water, as well as electricity. This integrated system means that One Gallions will meet the London Energy Plan definition of a zero carbon development as well as meeting the Code for Sustainable Homes’ level 6 requirements for energy. The development will meet Code for Sustainable Homes level 4 against the remaining other criteria.

One Gallions will be guided by the One Planet Living® principles that focus on reducing carbon emissions and waste; promote the use of sustainable transport, water use, materials and food, as well as enhancing biodiversity, cultural heritage, fair trade and health & wellbeing. Residents will be supported through the services of an onsite manager (green caretaker) and the OPL Centre. One Gallions will be a community where residents will be able to lead high quality and sustainable lifestyles.

02.Where is it ?

London map
One Gallions location
Albert Basin area
Albert Basin area
Albert Basin Context
Albert Basin Context

The One Gallions development is proposed for a site known as Gallions Park located in Beckton in the London Borough of Newham.

The site area is 1.23 hectares / 3.04 acres. The site is bounded to the east by Royal Docks Road (A1020), to the west by Woolwich Manor Way (A117), to the south by the Gallions Roundabout, and to the north by an area of mature woodland.

Gallion Park lies within the Royal Albert Basin, an area which has been awaiting redevelopment for a long period since the Royal Docks were closed. The creation of One Gallions at Gallions Park will represent an early and significant amount of the significant inward investment and regeneration planned for the area. The Gallions Park site is the key piece of land to join the Royal Albert Basin developments back into the centre of Beckton.

Since 1874 the site has been influenced by the construction and use of the Royal Albert Dock on the land to the south. In 2005/6, the site was extensively remediated for redevelopment after about fifty years of industrial use.

The site is well connected for transport choices, with very good bus and DLR (Docklands light Railway) access, and future improvements to public transport provision will improve this further. Gallions Reach Retail Park provides supermarket shopping within ten minutes walk of the site, while there are also local facilities in Beckton to the north of Cyprus DLR. In the near future the development of the Royal Alert Basin sites will provide further retail and community facilities.

The areas immediately to the north and west of the site are predominantly residential. Beckton Park, Beckton District Park, other local play areas and local allotments, provide green spaces.


One Gallions competition image one Gallions Computer-generated-imagery

In November 2006, the London Development Agency ran a competition for development teams to submit their proposals to create an exemplary sustainable and zero carbon development on the Gallions Park site.

We submitted our One Gallions concept proposals which were designed to provide for sustainable lifestyles for residents, using the principles of ‘One Planet Living’ to provide a holistic, attractive and exciting new community.

In Spring 2007, One Gallions was announced as the winning concept, and since then we have been working hard to evolve and refine our designs in consultation with a wide range of local organisations and individual representatives.

In July 2008, we submitted a planning application for One Gallions.

04.One Planet living

One Planet Living principles

One Planet Living® is about the choices and challenges we all face if we are to enjoy a high quality of life within the resources of the planet. If everyone in the world consumed the planet's natural resources at the same rate as people in the UK, we would need three planets to support us. It is now possible for everyone to help reduce their impact on the environment and the natural resources they use. You can start to apply the One Planet Living® principles to your everyday activities and begin to make a difference. The 'One Planet Living®' initiative not only shows how this can be done but also how each of us can live a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. As a guide to help us live a One Planet Living® lifestyle BioRegional Development Group and WWF International have developed a simple set of principles, which can make sustainable living easy, attractive and affordable. These principles have been adopted at One Gallions, and the project is formally endorsed under the programme.

We would need 3 planets for an average UK citizen lifestyle. image

  • Zero Carbon
    one gallions is designed to be very energy efficient as well as zero carbon. The buildings will be highly insulated to stay warm in winter, with high performance walls and windows together with energy efficient lighting and appliances. The reduced demand for heat and electricity will be met using renewable energy generated from an on-site combined heat and power (CHP) plant running on woodchips to achieve net zero carbon dioxide emissions.

  • Zero Waste
    Recycling and composting will be made easy at one gallions through the provision of on-site waste segregation and composting facilities. As part of a sustainable approach to resource management, support and guidance will be offered to residents to help reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill. Measures will also be implemented to reduce construction waste.

  • Sustainable Transport
    one gallions will have good access to local amenities, public transport connections and local foot paths and cycle ways. A car club will be established to provide the convenience of pay-as-you-go motoring without the expense and hassle of car ownership. Facilities to support home-working and substantial areas of secure cycle storage will be provided as part of the overall approach.

  • Local and Sustainable Materials
    one gallions will be designed to make full use of local, healthy, natural, reclaimed and recycled materials. The energy used to extract, process, refine and transport materials (embodied energy) as well as pollution and waste generated, will be reduced. Locally-sourced materials will be used to reduce transport impacts and to support the local economy.

  • Local and Sustainable Food
    A key aim of one gallions is to make it easy and affordable to get fresh, local and seasonal produce. There will be spaces on site for food-growing including a conservatory, balcony planters and roof-top plots. The landscaping will include fruit trees and herb plants. Further incentives to encourage consumption of local and seasonal produce include providing secure storage for food box deliveries and supporting food box ordering and cooking skills via the community extranet.

  • Sustainable Water
    The homes will be specified with water efficient appliances and fittings, such as showers and taps, with the aim to significantly reduce domestic water consumption. Rainwater will be harvested and used within the landscape for irrigation and amenity. Areas of roof and hard landscaping will be designed to attenuate rainfall.

  • Natural Habitats and Wildlife
    The aim is to make one gallions a place where flora and fauna can flourish to enhance the ecological value of the area in harmony with the needs of the community. The encouragement of wildlife will be considered through design and planting solutions to create habitats and promote aesthetic and ecological value.

  • Culture and Heritage
    one gallions is designed to embed a future culture of sustainable living. A sense of community and identity will be engendered at one gallions through the creation of a resident governance organisation and a community extranet to support sustainable lifestyle choices. A site manager will be employed to support the ongoing sustainable management of the development.

  • Equity and Fair Trade
    one gallions will be a mixed development offering a range of affordable and “for sale” homes of different sizes. The designs will provide high levels of accessibility with all of the dwellings designed to meet Lifetime Homes standards. The One Planet Living Centre will be part of a range of facilities to provide a focus for community activities.

  • Health and Happiness
    The ultimate aim is for one gallions to become a truly sustainable community - a place where people can live happy and healthy high quality lifestyles in a safe, comfortable and desirable environment.


Project Timeline

06.What's new

  • One Gallions display event.

    Thanks for your feedback
    17th October 2008

    We would like to thank everyone who visited us at one of the public exhibition sessions held in Beckton in September. It was great for us to have the opportunity to illustrate and explain our proposals for the One Gallions sustainable community, and to hear your views on them. Thanks also to those of you who put pen to paper and completed one of our questionnaires - the comments received have been very positive.

  • Have your say....
    2 september 2008

    We are holding a series of three public sessions in the second week of September 2008 for people to see some display boards illustrating our One Gallions proposals, as well as to have an opportunity to talk with members of our team and leave feedback and comments.
    The three sessions are being held in the entrance foyer of the Asda supermarket in Beckton (Tollgate Road, E6 4JP) and are scheduled for;

    - Thursday 11th September 2008 from 6pm – 9pm
    - Friday 12th September from 2pm – 5pm
    - Saturday 13th September from 9am – 12pm

    We would very much like to see you at one of these sessions.

  • One Gallions planning application submitted
    1 August 2008

    Crest Nicholson and BioRegional Quintain today submitted their proposals for the One Gallions sustainable community development for planning permission. The exemplar development will provide 260 new homes and set a benchmark for sustainable zero carbon twenty first century living in London.

  • Awards winners for One-Brighton.

    British Housing Award for One Gallions
    31 May 2007

    One Gallions announced as winner of the BHA Housing Project of the Year award, sponsored by the Mail on Sunday. The judging panel, Chaired by Michael Manser, CBE, one of the most distinguished architects of the recent decades, commented, "The [One Gallions] project shows excellent use of sustainable technology and innovative solutions towards the low and zero-carbon challenge."
    Sarah Hartley, Deputy Property Editor, The Mail on Sunday, praised the project saying, "Communal rooftop gardens where residents can grow their own fruit and vegetables are a unique feature of One Gallions, by Crest Nicholson (Eastern) and BioRegional Quintain.

  • Ground Breaking ‘Zero Carbon’ Residential Development for London
    12 February 2007

    Working in partnership, BioRegional Quintain and Crest Nicholson have been announced, by the London Development Agency, as the successful developers of One Gallions residential scheme at Gallions Park, London’s zero carbon exemplar scheme.


  1. Q:Does the area need new housing?

    A:There is a shortage of new and affordable housing in Newham and across London in general. One Gallions will transform a derelict site to provide high quality accommodation and new public spaces. The development is part of the wider investment to regenerate the Albert Basin area which will help bring local facilities, additional employment and public transport improvements. Regeneration projects commonly improve peoples’ perception of an area and local property values often increase.

  2. Q:How many homes will there be in total?

    A:260 new homes are proposed at One Gallions to include 91 classified as affordable housing with 169 homes for private sale. The dwellings will a range in size from one-bedroom apartments to larger three and four bed homes.

  3. Q:What is affordable housing?

    A:Affordable housing is housing which is available to people who cannot afford to buy houses that are generally available on the open market, regardless of the tenure, type of ownership or financial arrangements. One Gallions includes homes for rent and shared ownership (also known as New Build Homebuy).

  4. Q:What is One Planet Living?

    A:If everyone in the world consumed the planet's natural resources at the same rate as people in the UK, we would need three planets to support us. One Planet Living® is about the choices and challenges we all face if we are to enjoy a high quality of life within the resources of the planet. Refer to www.oneplanetliving.org for more information.

    As a guide to help us live a One Planet Living® lifestyle BioRegional Development Group and WWF International have developed a simple set of principles, which can make sustainable living easy, attractive and affordable. One Gallions has used the OPL Principles to integrate sustainability in to all aspects of design, construction and management.


  5. Q:How will One Gallions help me live a sustainable lifestyle?

    A:Living in the Twenty First Century we all need to be efficient with our use of resources, energy and water, as well as reducing our car use, protecting ecology and recycled more of our waste. But, sustainable living is about more than this, it is also about design quality, a sense of community and creating comfortable and secure environments. One Gallions has been designed to make all of this possible – residents will me able to lead high quality and sustainable lifestyles.

  6. Q:Will I be restricted in my use of water and energy?

    A:No. One Gallions has been designed and specified with the aim of making it easy and affordable for residents to lead happy, healthy, and sustainable lifestyles. All homes will feature energy efficient lights, fittings and appliances; as well as water efficient taps and fittings. It is expected that residents will benefit from savings by using these resources efficiently. Nevertheless, there are no restrictions in terms of energy or water used.

  7. Q:What is Zero Carbon development?

    A:The burning of oil, coal and gas to provide heat and power for our buildings causes the emission of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. These emissions are linked with climate change which has been identified by the new UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, as at least as big a threat to the world as war. One Gallions will generate it’s own heat and power through the combustion of locally-sourced wood-chip in a CHP machine. As trees are a renewable resource and absorb carbon dioxide as they grow, the energy generated at One Gallions will have net zero carbon dioxide emissions.

  8. Q:What about Parking?

    A:In support of the One Planet Living environmental ethos of the project, there is focus at One Gallions on providing greener alternatives to private fossil-fuel powered cars. The site is conveniently located for both buses and the DLR, and future improvements are planned to these services as part of the wider investment in the area. One Gallions will have its own car club to provide convenient pay-as-you-go access to a car, and there will also be extensive cycle storage facilities for the use of residents and visitors. There will be 48 car parking spaces within the development, with 26 provided for the wheelchair accessible homes, 6 reserved for car club use and16 provided as visitor parking bays. 26 bays for motorcycle parking will be provided, as will a number of charging points for electric vehicles.

  9. Q: What is a car club?

    A: A Car Club will be established at One Gallions which will provide shared cars for pay-as-you-go use by members. Car Clubs offer the benefits of access to a car for day-to-day use without the hassles and expenses of owning your own. Residents at One Gallions will benefit from special deals in terms of membership. Furthermore usage rates will be inclusive of fuel, insurance, road, maintenance and cleaning.

  10. Q: When will the development be finished?

    A: A determination on the One Gallions planning application is expected later in 2008. Based on construction commencing in 2009, the development is predicted to be complete by 2012 with new homes being available in phases before this date.


09.Who are we ?

BioRegionnal Quintain logo

BioRegional Quintain is working towards creating sustainable communities across the UK through the application of the One Planet Living® principles to encourage a dynamic and innovative approach to property development.

BioRegional Quintain is a joint partnership with BioRegional Properties and Quintain Estates and Development PLC. Quintain Estates are helping regenerate inner city areas by creating new communities around landmark buildings such as the Wembley Stadium and the O2 arena on the Greenwich Peninsula. BioRegional Properties Ltd, which was founded by eco-entrepreneurs and BioRegional Development Group, a registered charity.

BioRegional Quintain's thinking behind new home developments is based on the experience, skills and capabilities of both parent organisations, which support the delivery of well-designed, truly sustainable communities that also includes the international and award winning Middlehaven project in Middlesbrough. In partnership with Crest Nicholson, BioRegional Quintain are currently developing the One Brighton sustainable community in West Sussex.

Crest Nicholson logo

Crest Nicholson is dedicated to excellence in design and construction of the homes it builds, the quality of development locations and the customer service provided. For four decades Crest Nicholson has remained uncompromising in its commitment to putting the needs of customers first and gaining the respect of homebuyers across the UK.

Crest Nicholson has won huge recognition within the development industry and received a string of consumer, architectural and design awards for construction quality and customer service.

These include Ingress Park, which was one of the first developments in the country to be presented with the CABE Building for Life Gold Award in 2003 and the Park Central Attwood Green regeneration project which was awarded the Deputy Prime Minister's Award for Sustainable Communities 2005.

In early 2007 Crest Nicholson announced its most prestigious accolade to date. The Queen's Award for Enterprise. The Award serves to honour business performance, commercial success and true commitment to sustainable development.

SHG logo

Southern Housing Group is one of southern England’s largest housing associations. Founded over 100 years ago, we own and manage 24,000 homes with more than 66,000 residents, we employ 900 people and work with 80 local authorities.

We believe that building communities is as important as building homes. So as well as developing and managing quality affordable housing for rent and ownership, we invest considerable resources to provide an environment where people really want to live. Southern Housing Group is committed to the regeneration of our urban and rural communities and in so doing our aim is to stimulate social well-being. We must not only provide an ever improving quality of living environment for today, but also establish a legacy for future generations by promoting genuinely sustainable development and lifestyles.

Southern Housing Group is an established housing association in Newham and the Thames Gateway. It currently owns and manages over 600 homes in Newham and over 3000 in the sub-region. Our Regional Office is in Barking town centre, less than 15 minutes away from One Gallions, from where the homes will be managed.

10.Have your say

This website is primarily for the residents of Beckton and surrounding areas of Newham to explain our proposals for One Gallions and to keep you up-to-date with what’s going on.

Please take a moment to complete our One Gallions questionnaire and to send us any questions or comments you may have about our plans. You can also register to receive notification of updates and project news.

Please note that we will not use any contact details for any other purposes than to analyse data and keep you updated. No personal information of any kind will be passed on to third parties.

We may publish the questionnaire responses in a forthcoming community newsletter. However, all responses will remain anonymous and respondents personal details will not be displayed.

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